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Sukihana Asks JT To Clarify “Okay” Diss Target: “People Keep Tagging Me & Cardi” 

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Sukihana has grown tired of the rumors and is calling on JT to clarify who she was dissing in her new song “Okay.”  

The City Girls rapper dropped her new single “Okay” last week which includes a lyric many believe is aimed at Sukihana or Cardi B.  

“She ate crab legs, now her whole tooth missing,” she rapped. “Cheap ass veneers, you stay talkin’ s###.” 

On Monday (April 29,) Sukihana took to Instagram to address JT. She explained that she was in jail when the JT dropped but was alerted to it after her release because she was tagged so many times.  

“They tagging Cardi too, they said JT was trying to diss me in a song or Cardi B,” Sukihana added. While she doubts it was the NYC rapper because she broke her tooth on a bagel, Suki acknowledged she fits the description.  

“We all know I done broke my teeth on some crab legs,” she said, addressing the first line. However, Sukihana doesn’t believe JT dissed her because the ” stay talkin’ s###” part doesn’t apply.  

“I don’t talk s### about b######. I always show love. Never hated on a b####, never called a b#### name,” she explained. “I was at JT birthday party, it was hugs and giggles, so I don’t feel like she talking about me.” 

Furthermore, Sukihana believes JT “just start trouble with random people when she droppin’ a song,” adding, “They said it’s trouble in paradise for her and Cardi.” 

Ultimately, Sukihana wants her to clarify. “JT just clear it up. I know you see the people keep tagging me and Cardi. They only tagging me and her,” she said. “I just don’t feel like me and you got no tea, so just let me know.” 

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