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Tyrese Accuses Ex-Wife Of Fraud: “I Got Nothing To Lose But My Peace & Sanity”

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Tyrese sought the Los Angeles County Superior Court’s help in a dispute with his ex-wife Normal Mitchell Gibson. The actor/singer posted court documents and discussed his legal battle with his wife on Tuesday (April 30).

“I’m finally addressing because I have to… I’ve read your comments so here’s my response,” he wrote on Instagram. “The days of me suffering in silence and living in fear are over….. 167 pages filed in the Los Angeles courthouse 111 Hill Street… No lies and no goofy s###…. Everything in these court docs has real receipts attached….”

Tyrese claimed his ex-wife owed him more than $25,000 for not paying her half of their daughter’s school tuition. He accused his ex-wife of fraud and disobeying court orders.

The Fast & Furious star said his ex-wife “engaged in transactions using other people’s information and accounts.” He recognized her handwriting in the signature of a tuition check allegedly signed by her father.

Tyrese filed a police report over a $2,134 payment for his daughter’s tuition. He suspected his ex-wife contacted the school to authorize the payment without his knowledge or consent. The school refused to reimburse him for it.

“Sadly, when f### s### is done to MEN it doesn’t matter,” he wrote on Instagram. “Blackmail, extortion, defamation, death threats, tax evasion forged signatures, falsified bank statements, domestic and international wire fraud.. Money laundering all the above spelled out…. I got nothing to lose but my peace and sanity… I got it…. was born a man so none of thin these court documents will ever matter….

He added, “Not to worry…. Don’t hold your breath there will be no crying videos uploaded. Never ever forget:.. The lie will always appear to matter more than the TRUTH…”

Tyrese and Norma split in 2009. He remarried years later, but his second marriage also ended in divorce.

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