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Future’s Baby Mama Responds To Lil Tjay Dating Rumors

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Brittni Mealy, the mother of Future’s son Prince, denied rumors she’s romantically involved with rapper Lil Tjay on Wednesday (May 1). Mealy scoffed at the speculation after amateur sleuths thought they found proof of them dating on Instagram Stories. The “evidence” was Mealy and Lil Tjay posting videos of what appeared to be the same plane.

“Let’s be clear cause yall blogs love a made up story let me clear this up immediately,” Mealy wrote on social media. “TJAY is like my lil brother damn near my son age!! Yall are reaching to think it’s giving dating! Do yall know how old I am!! Absolutely nothing like that At all!”

Mealy was surprised to see herself as the subject of such rumors. Mealy insisted she wasn’t interested in being coy about her love life, so there was no need for guessing games.

“It’s hella people around to try and single me out for some clicks is crazyyyyy!” she wrote. “When I pop out yall won’t have to piece some s### together.”

Mealy specifically called out the Instagram account IG Model Tea Room. The private page has almost 130,000 followers.

“Very much fake news!” she wrote on a screenshot of the account. “Stop it!!!!!”

Lil Tjay previously complained about lies spreading online in 2023. The Columbia Records co-signed comments made by Rod Wave, who criticized blogs for posting infidelity rumors.

“Internet dead lieeee on my name about mad s###,” Lil Tjay wrote on Instagram Stories. “fr [and] it’s neverrrrr positive smh.”

Lil Tjay released his latest album 222 in 2023. It peaked at No. 24 on the Billboard 200.

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