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Joe Budden Tells Kanye West To Stop “Attention-Seeking” In Drake & Kendrick Lamar’s Beef 

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Joe Budden has been closely following the battle between Hip-Hop’s “big three” and says Kanye West needs to stay out of it. 

On the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, he shared his take on Kanye West dissing Drake on his “Like That” remix. According to Budden, Ye missed his chance and needs to stop interfering. 

“Kanye, sit your f###### ass down somewhere,” Budden boomed. “Mind your f###### business. This is not about you. This is some attention-seeking s### that you’re doing.   

He claimed that “Kanye has been trying to insert himself in this since the beginning,” after ignoring Drake when he should have dissed him.   

“You had your shot. That n#### was gunning for you,” he continued. “Y’all all ran except for Pusha.” 

Furthermore, Joe Budden said the only person in Kanye West’s camp he wants to hear diss Drake is Pusha T.  

“It’s not smooth when it’s not your beef,” he added. “You are making this all about you when you had a shot already. Move! You are taking attention away from our main event.” 

Elsewhere on the podcast, Budden also reacted to West’s appearance on Justin LaBoy’s The Download podcast

While he’s not a fan of Ye dissing Drizzy on wax, he is here for him spilling the tea.  

“Kanye is the one though that’s been close enough,” he explained. “Been in the same rooms, been in the same buildings. He could tell us what’s going on up there and he crazy enough to do it.” 

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