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Coi Leray Talks Nicki Minaj Reconciliation After Fan Suggests She’s Female Rap Beef Pawn

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Coi Leray has set the record straight on her alleged issues with Nicki Minaj after issuing a rousing crusade against female rap beef on social media.

Days after expressing her earnest belief that female rap beef is personified by record labels and music streaming services to bolster profit margins, Leray further stood on business after a fan attempted to call her bluff.

In response to a tweet she previously shared in which Coi Leray wrote, “Most of these female rappers not even from the same places !!!! Not from the same hoods….why are we beefing,” a Twitter user replied in thread suggesting artists such as Leray use beef to align themselves with bigger artists.

“Most of them like you, do it to get Nicki Minaj support and then when she turns on you.. you don’t have support from any fan base,” the user, who’s handle is @Marleyday13, wrote in the tweet.

Leray swiftly responded, blocking the accusation she leveraged any issue she may have had with Minaj for clout, considering she reconciled with the Pink Friday 2 rapper behind closed doors.

“Me and Nicki spoke behind the scenes, personally, and I never brought that to the public,” she wrote. “Business ain’t work out, that’s okay. I still wish her nothing but the best and blick blick is one of the greatest videos that will be in history.”

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If you’ll recall, Leray and Minaj collaborated on the aforementioned “Blick Blick” in March 2022, but not without there being some form of controversy being attached to the release. Prior to the single hitting DSP’s, Minaj denied working with Leray after Benzino boasted about the two’s supposed collaboration on Clubhouse.

Not to mention, Minaj took aim at several female artists several months later, calling the new generation of female rappers “entitled duds”. Many believe Minaj aimed at least one of those shots at her “Blick Blick” collaborator Leray, based on a series of tweets she shared in the days following the remarks.

Well, at this point, I guess we can dead all of that because Leray says it’s all copasetic.

Check out the tweets in the post above.

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