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NBA YoungBoy Hit With New Felony Charge As He Sits In Utah Jail

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Weber County authorities filed new charges against NBA YoungBoy following his arrest for a prescription drug fraud scheme in Utah. According to KUTV, the 24-year-old rapper faced a felony charge for possession of a firearm by a restricted person and two counts of fraudulently obtaining a prescription.

NBA YoungBoy, whose real name is Kentrell Gaulden, was arrested on dozens of charges in April. The charges included forgery, identity fraud and obtaining a prescription under false pretenses.

The Cache County Sheriff’s Office accused NBA YoungBoy and his associates of illegally procuring promethazine with codeine from Utah pharmacies. The suspects allegedly impersonated doctors to prescribe drugs to fake patients, duping pharmacists.

NBA YoungBoy allegedly participated in the prescription drug scam while on house arrest in a gun case. He remained in a Utah jail awaiting a court date scheduled for May 9. His attorneys will argue for bail at the hearing in May. But he seemed destined to stay behind bars based on an April 30 filing by Judge Joseph Bean.

“The Defendant is denied pretrial release under the authority of Utah Code 77-20-1 based upon the following facts,” the judge wrote. “U.C.A. 77-20-201(1)(b) Defendant is felony on felony and there is substantial evidence to support the charge. U.C.A. 77-20-201(1)(c) (i) and (ii) there is substantial evidence of defendant’s involvement in prescription fraud and distribution there is clear and convincing evidence that defendant is a danger to the community. In addition, defendant appears to be a multi-state offender with primary contacts in Louisiana and is a risk of flight.”

Judge Shelly Dick, who’s overseeing NBA YoungBoy’s federal charges in Louisiana, ordered his detainment until a bond revocation hearing in his gun case. Federal prosecutors want the judge to rescind his pretrial release due to his latest arrest. Judge Dick paused his gun case in March.

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