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Nicki Minaj’s Surprise Guests, Britney Spears Settles Divorce, Dua Lipa’s Chart Achievements & More | Billboard News

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It’s Thursday, May 2nd, and Nicki Minaj brings out Cyndi Lauper & Kai Cenat at her concert, Selena Gomez turns off her Instagram comments and Britney Spears settles divorce. We sat down with Billboard cover star T-Pain and went down memory lane to find out the stories behind some of his biggest hits including: “Buy U a Drank,” “Bartender,” “I’m Sprung” and more! With Dua Lipa’s ‘Radical Optimism’ being released tomorrow, we cover some of her greatest achievements on Billboard Explains. The TikTok Top 50 Chart is in and Taylor Swift lands in Top 4 while Phoebe Bridgers is in Top 10, but who reigns supreme this week? Keep watching to find out. On today’s Chart Rewind, we have The Cure, who took over the Billboard Alternative Airplay Chart in 1989 with “Fascination Street” and more!

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Kai Cent joins the ‘Pink Friday’ tours, Selena Gomez explains her social decisions and Britney is in the news for her ex-husband and sister. We have a brand new Billboard cover star, go in depth with Dua Lipa. See what’s hot on the Tok and rewind our charts. This is Billboard News, let’s hop into our top story. From Drake to the Queen mix girls “Gag City” is proving the place to be in the Brooklyn stuff of the Nicki Minaj ‘Pink Friday 2’ World Tour did not disappoint. Kai Cenat took to the stage to show off his dance moves. Being the most in the best possible way, Selena Gomez stopped by NBC today to talk about mental health and what she does to take care of herself.

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