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Chrisean Rock Recalls Emotional Encounter With Blueface & Their Baby In Court  

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Chrisean Rock continues to stand beside her man during his incarceration, taking their son to Blueface’s latest court hearing.  

The Compton native was jailed earlier this year for a probation violation and is reportedly behind bars until July. The controversial couple apparently reconciled shortly before Blue handed himself in and have been rebuilding their relationship while he’s been locked up.  

On Tuesday (April 2), Blueface appeared in court and Chrisean Rock brought their baby son with her to the hearing. She took to Instagram after court revealing that the judge allowed Blue to hold Chrisean Rock Jr. For the first time in months.  

“I stood in the back with the baby,” she said during an IG Live chat explaining the judge permitted her to stand there the last time she was in court. “So this time it was like a full circle. I could tell she noticed that my son got bigger or something because she looked at us, smiled.” 

She continued, explaining the judge invited her to bring her son to Blueface, surprising them both. “He was just holding the baby, and I was just like holding him. I didn’t know if I should kiss him or what. I don’t know what I wasn’t allowed to do to him.” 

Chrisean Rock then became overcome with emotion, breaking down after recounting how much Blueface’s appearance changed during his time in jail.  

“I ain’t tryna come on here crying and s### but I miss my baby daddy. Y’all can call it jail talk, call it whatever … We past that,” Rock stated. 

Meanwhile, Chrisean Rock is gearing up for a big day this weekend. She plays her first football game as running back for The Cali War on Saturday May 4. 

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