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Ice Spice Trashes Nicki Minaj In Texts Leaked By Ex-Friend

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Ice Spice’s former friend Baby Storme exposed the rapper for badmouthing Nicki Minaj on Friday (May 3). Storme leaked Ice Spice’s text messages, revealing the Capitol Records artist’s true feelings about Nicki.

The texts showed Ice Spice getting frustrated with Nicki in May 2023. Nicki allegedly asked the rising star to sign over all publishing rights once they started working together.

“We’re about to put out another record in June for the Barbie soundtrack, which is an opportunity I brought her,” Ice Spice wrote. “Bc Barbie asked me to do it alone but since that’s her brand I invited her on & she doesn’t even see that as me bringing her something. She’s kinda like my mom, ungrateful & delusional. I cut her off btw not speaking to her till January.”

She added, “She wants publishing from all my songs including 3rd party writing competitions. So anything I write for other ppl or any songs I get on. Mind u I had a Taylor Swfit collab before I had the Nicki one.”

Storme noted how Nicki came up in a different era and probably thought there was nothing wrong with her demands. Ice Spice agreed and believed Nicki was “jealous” the 24-year-old rapper owned her masters.

“That’s basically what she’s saying bc she keeps saying oh when Wayne was signing me I didn’t question blah blah,” Ice Spice wrote. “But me & her are in different places in our career when that happened. Like I’m already signed so why would I work backwards & nah it’s just necessary like she gaslights me too much. I gotta love her from a distance for my mental health.”

Ice Spice and Nicki’s first collaboration was the “Princess Diana” remix, which dropped in April 2023. The two followed it up with “Barbie World” in June 2023.

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