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Meek Mill Rallies Against Self-Described “Hate Campaign”

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Meek Mill believed he was targeted in a hate campaign. The opinionated rapper claimed the alleged attempt to bring him down will backfire on Friday (May 3).

“Them hate campaigns gonna make the people love me more when they find out who’s really who in this s###!” he wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter).

The Philly native received overwhelmingly negative attention due to allegations in Lil Rod’s lawsuit against Diddy. Lil Rod accused Meek of having sex with Diddy, leading to extensive trolling on social media.

Meek repeatedly faced gay jokes since the lawsuit went public. Fans most recently mocked him for his outfit in an Instagram post on Thursday (May 2).

“The propaganda don’t even want me wearing Rick [Owens] lol,” he wrote in response to online backlash to the outfit.

Last month, the independent artist shared a bizarre theory on why he was the target of so much hatred.

“The eclipse opened up the portal to everybody that was hating on you to be exposed!” he wrote. “Black hatred level went up a few notches in 2024!”

Meek said his hometown of Philadelphia remained supportive of him. He downplayed the digital antagonism he had to deal with in recent months.

“My city is fully behind me I prolly got a 1000 haters of 1.6 million people!” he wrote. “Ima start my next tour Philly gone be in the first dates to display reality logic over internet influence I been doing it for years! They just come up with new bot tactics.”

He added, “If you type my name in on @YouTube you only seeing spam of some fake stories or rumors they found away to hack people actually typing my name in easily… @youtubemusic can we get the stuff out the way of my music???”

Meek denied Lil Rod’s allegations in February.

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