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Rick Ross’s Jet Crashes And Somehow He And Drake Find Humor In It

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According to reports (Twitter), Rick Ross crash-landed in his private jet sometime today. The details are sketchy, but it seems as though it’s true. The rapper joked about the situation in the comments of DJ Akademiks, claiming that Drake shot them down.

Check this out:

Now, look at this:

Drake liked it and Ross joked about it!

I don’t know exactly what happened, but it just looks like they had a rough landing that resulted a BAD landing. The pictures seem to suggest that there was a rough landing that eventually ended up in the grass. Did they crash? Not so much. A crash would suggest that they hit the ground and maybe exploded.

Drake actually liked a very specific part of the post which was basically dissing Rick Ross. This is all pretty crazy! It all really flows back into this credible hodgepodge of Hip-Hop, drama, and other things.

I have to say I am extremely happy that Rick Ross was unharmed in all of this. All in all, Drake and Rick Ross were able to have some humor with the matter, but if he had died, that would not be cool. I’m quite sure that Drake would not have minded if he died, based on his most recent post, which said he’s going to “kill everyone.”

But, I have to admit…he does not appear to be stressing.

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