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Be Careful Ben Stiller, SZA Could Get Kendrick Lamar To Namedrop You In His Next Drake Diss

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It may be in Ben Stiller’s best interest right now to please SZA considering everything going on in the wide and reckless rap world.

No, I’m not saying SZA is going to tell Kendrick Lamar to sneak diss Stiller in his next record aimed at Drake, but I’m also not saying it couldn’t happen. And it’s not that Stiller and SZA went bad, it’s just the fact that he has a major role in the “I Hate U” vocalist’s ongoing angst and impatience as she awaits the return of Apple TV’s#### series Severance. Stiller, the executive producer and director of the series, should consider himself lucky he merely got a taste of SZA’s wrath recently on Twitter (X).

“Was tryna be polite but I really need a new season of severance right the f### now,” SZA wrote in a tweet earlier this week.

In his reluctant reply, Stiller wrote, “Ok ok got it.”

All I know is Ben Stiller better not just be saying “ok” just to keep SZA quiet for the time being, because I know he doesn’t want to end up a punchline on whatever Kendrick Lamar follows “Meet The Grahams” with. Nah, but really, all jokes aside, like SZA, we all need Season 2 A-F###ing-SAP! SZA’s tweet saw like five million impressions so it’s clear the viewers are here and waiting for the new season to drop.

For those unaware, let me put you on real quick. The series “Severance” is a gripping Apple TV series set in a dystopian alternate universe where employees undergo the “severance” procedure, which divides their memories and consciousness into work and personal, or “Innie” and “Outie” personas.

The story follows would-be widower Mark, played by Adam Scott, who navigates the blurred lines between his fragmented work and personal life at a mysterious corporation. As Mark delves deeper into the company’s secrets, and alleged death of his wife, he unravels a web of intrigue, questioning the true nature of reality and the sacrifices demanded by corporate life. The series masterfully blends elements of psychological, science fiction thriller with those of a gut-wrenching story of romance. It really gets messy and the fact SZA stand it makes me feel sane in my utter obsession with the series.

In case you haven’t yet, check out the trailer for season one of the series above.

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