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Is There TDE / The Game Beef On The Horizon?

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Oh my! It seems like things aren’t over yet. As you know, Kendrick Lamar and Drake have been going back and forth lyrically. This is a battle for the books! I’m not sure if Kendrick has anything left, but it seems like it’s over. I think he should punctuate the victory with another song. For me, that’s just being selfish because it’s so good to hear Kendrick rapping again, you know, the way it used to be.

But now it seems like there will be some consequences and repercussions for those who weren’t siding with Kendrick from the start. As you know, Kendrick left TDE a while ago to pursue an independent path. Drake might have made a misstep by stating that Kendrick is out here all by himself. At the time, it made sense because there were no business ties with Top Dawg and TDE. However, there might be some other connections, not immediately apparent, that are still present.

And now the big boss, I mean, the really big boss, is talking and he’s making it clear that those who weren’t down with them are going to face consequences! The big question is, who? The Game comes to mind, but I’m not sure. He was very clear that he was siding with Drake in this situation. Outside of that, I’m not really sure who they’re targeting with a vengeance! They are obviously some random people in there—media personalities, fans, bloggers, and streamers, but The Game stands out most loudly.

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And I am not getting the sense that this will be a rap battle of any sort. I also don’t sense that this will be violent either. So what could it be? I guess only time will tell! But it was very quiet, and I am very sure that those people who were quiet understood the gravity of the aftermath, whereas others did not, and kept talking and taking positions that were being documented.

By the way, The Game is fishing for beef with Rick Ross right now. We’ll see.


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