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Concertgoer Addresses Onstage Kiss With Drake At 17 Years Old

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The woman Drake kissed at a concert while she was a teenager has spoken out about the incident amid the ongoing rap beef between Drizzy and Kendrick Lamar.

On Monday (May 6), an Instagram user, whose handle is @tiajayed, claimed to be the woman in the video that’s resurfaced online. The clip clearly shows Drake kissed her after bringing her onstage mid-performance, despite finding out she was 17.

The video began recirculating amid Kendrick’s claims Drake likes underage girls and is a colonizer.

“Regarding the video that’s going around… I was 17 back then and I’m 31 now,” @tiajayed wrote in part. “This was a concert that my dad took me to back in high-school.

“Drake’s entourage actually picked me out from the crowd of people… NOT DRAKE himself. (BTW performers always bring up fans on stage… it’s part of their show) It was nothing then and still nothing now. Now that I have cleared up these false narratives…I’m going back to study for my law school exams [Heart emojis] wish me luck.”

In an additional comment the women left on a post re-sharing the video, she reiterated, “This was purely for his stage act. I was 17 years old and I’m 31 now. It was nothing then and it’s nothing now.”

While Drake has yet to respond to the discourse surrounding the video, this isn’t the first time the clip has circulated and led to some unsavory conversations about the OVO hitmaker.

In 2019, multiple news outlets including USA Today and Esquire, among others, ran coverage critical of the clip, which was originally recorded in 2010. Drake has also vehemently denied allegations he entertains relationships with underage girls on his recent Kendrick diss titled “The Heart Part 6.” However, the release itself is not getting a good response at all at the moment.

Check out the woman’s full message, along with the original video above.

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