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Joe Biden Campaign Uses Kendrick Lamar’s “euphoria” To Diss Donald Trump

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Kendrick Lamar’s beef with Drake has expanded beyond Hip-Hop culture. The internet-breaking battle is now part of the 2024 United States presidential race involving Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Donald Trump.

On April 30, Kendrick Lamar released a Drake diss track titled “euphoria.” That record has dominated several streaming platforms and projected to reach the Top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100. It debuted at No. 11 on the chart.

The Joe Biden-Kamala Harris campaign tried to harness the energy around “euphoria” to diss their political opponent. The @BidenHQ social media accounts posted a video trolling Donald Trump using Lamar’s record as the soundtrack.

“It’s always been about love and hate, now let me say I’m the biggest hater. I hate the way that you walk over women’s rights, the way that you talk about immigrants. I hate the way that you dress, I hate the way that you sneak diss on truth social,” reads the text in the Biden-Harris video.

Kendrick Lamar has been a vocal critic of Donald Trump in his lyrics. On Isaiah Rashad’s “Wat’s Wrong” track from 2016, K. Dot says, “Might stay in the Trump Tower for one week. Spray paint all the walls and smoke weed. F### them and f### y’all and f### me.”

In addition, Kendrick shot at the then-president on 2017’s “The Heart Part 4.” He rapped, “Donald Trump is a chump. Know how we feel, punk. Tell him that God’s coming. And Russia needs a replay button, y’all up to somethin’.”

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