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T.I.’s Son King Gets Response From Julio Foolio After Issuing Boxing Ring Challenge

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T.I.’s boisterous son King has been hard at work, staying consistent with his boxing training. Now it appears Florida rapper Julio Foolio could be his first amateur rap opponent he’s set his sights on.

After a clip of his recent training session went viral, King took to social media to address some of the backlash the clip caused. In a video post he shared which he appears to have recorded in the studio, King directly called out Foolio for allegedly talking trash about his training regimen. Along with inviting Foolio to test his gangster and step into the ring, King addressed the numerous individuals coming for him since he posted his workout.

“Hey I really don’t do too much talking and Julio Foolio, get yo b###h ass in the boxing ring n###a,” King said in part. “Want to speak on me. And I hear a lot of these n###as got so much to say when a n###a go viral, but when I tell them to go get in that boxing ring everybody wanna be quiet. Come on, bro.”

As he concluded, King appeared to compare himself to former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, despite having no actual professional record to back up the claim.

“I ain’t going to lie, I’m on some Mike Tyson s### I’m mad,” he said. “I’ve just been angry lately. I’m ready to get in there and punch somebody. And I’m waiting on one of these b#### ass young ass rappers to fix a mouth to get in that boxing ring.”

Though his response was brief, Foolio didn’t appear to entertain the bout, or any confrontation with King. Instead, he appeared to warn against it, not for his own sake, but rather for the protection of King.

”I barley post or troll nomo King find u something productive to do before u be watching Netflix In heaven wit our lord and savior,” Foolio wrote in his response he shared on his Instagram Story.

What do y’all think? Should King take Foolio’s advice and dead this before it even starts? Or should he take the Benzino approach and challenge yet another rapper to a bout until he gets an opponent worthy of stepping into the ring?

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