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Tyrese Faces Wrath Of Brian McKnight’s Son For Jumping In Family Drama

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Brian McKnight’s estranged son Nikolas lambasted Tyrese for commenting on the McKnight family’s issues. Nikolas delivered a searing warning to Tyrese via Instagram Stories on Tuesday (May 7).

“Tyrese used to sleep under our pool table when I was a kid,” Nikolas wrote. “I know the 90s RnB brotherhood blood is thicker than anything but you should sit this one out champ. You have relationships to fix with your own children and your own past decisions you’ve made on behalf of p#### and power. The allegiance to those two things is what keeps you guys from seeing that the only thing that matters in the end is family. Real men can see past the b#######. Let me stop though. This 46-hr chemo infusion has me ready to fade Jody. That’s not right.”

Nikolas bashed Tyrese for defending Brian, who disowned his adult children and called them the “product of sin.” Tyrese vouched for his fellow R&B singer after Rickey Smiley offered support to Brian’s kids.

“We here at the Rickey Smiley Morning Show support you,” Smiley said. “If anybody gets this message out to Brian McKnight’s two sons and daughter: you are always welcome to the state of Alabama, to the great state of Alabama, where you have men and you have uncles and you have a lot of people in Birmingham that take on kids that have been abandoned by fathers … I know that y’all are older, but if y’all ever feel any kind of way or you feel unloved and need a male figure, a father figure, there’s people out here like myself … and others. We’d be more than happy to have you.”

Tyrese said he “respectfully” disagreed with Smiley. Tyrese thought Smiley’s viewpoint was “unfair” to Brian, but the Fast & Furious star admitted he didn’t know the details of Brian’s family turmoil.

“Please someone get this message to Rickey Smiley,” Tyrese wrote. “This is about the ongoing Brian McKnight beat down. Yep, I got some s### to say…”

Listen to Tyrese and Smiley’s takes on the McKnight family drama below.

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