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Metro Boomin Shows Original Creator Of “BBL Drizzy” Hella Sample Love

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Metro Boomin has recognized the creator of the outlandish sample Incorporated into his recently released “BBL Drizzy” instrumental as as the popularity of the challenge continues to skyrocket.

Believe it or not, Metro had little bit of help in producing what could be the first-ever instrumental diss, which was released during targeting Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s ongoing beef.

What’s even more unbelievable is the fact that the assistance wasn’t from another producer but rather a rising social media comedian. A Twitter (X) user by the name of @KingWillonius revealed himself as the creator of the sample Metro used for the instrumental in a twee seeking credit over the weekend.

“That was dope that Metro Boomin sampled BBL Drizzy,” he wrote. “The fact that I, an unknown comedian made an impact in this historical rap beef is kinda cool. I wish he would’ve tagged me tho. It is what it is.”

Well as they say, a close mouth doesn’t get fed, or in this case, idle Twitter (X) fingers won’t get read, and since King Willonius spoke up, he got the recognition he was asking for. And not only did he get a direct response from Metro, the WE DON’T TRUST YOU architect took things a step further to ensure the creator received the credit he deserved.

“I wasn’t aware king but thank you for your contribution to history,” Metro wrote in part before he finished the tweet off by writing, “Y’all show this man some love [Prayer hands emoji].”

As the exchange continued, Metro even virtually dapped bro up after buddy thanked him fore his support in a follow-up reply he shared. To be honest, Metro might’ve just done more than just co-sign the creator, considering he’s already released several insane Motown parodies. He even made an incredibly funny “OV-Hoe” AI-generated Motown snippet following the release of Kendrick’s “Not Like Us” Drake diss.

Not to mention, Metro just upped the ante on the #BBLDrizzy song challenge by offering a $10,000 reward to the winner of the contest. The runner-up will also get production from Metro for the price of Free-99, so there’s really nothing to lose by creating a submission.

Check out the latest #BBLDrizzy challenge developments from Metro’s latest tweet below.

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