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Hunxho’s Love Triangle W/ Keyshia Cole, Gloss Up & More?

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It appears as though Keyshia Cole may need to embrace polyamory if she hopes to continue her relationship with boyfriend Hunxho.

The Atlanta native recently chatted with a YouTube vlogger, who captured Hunxho riding around the city in a car service and kicking it at a local Top Golf. Throughout the lengthy video, the “By Tomorrow” rapper fails to admit to being in an exclusive relationship with Cole and doesn’t acknowledge being entangled with his former flame Gloss Up. Instead, the brotha claims he doesn’t differentiate between his numerous partners while suggesting they’ve all agreed to the nature of their relationship with him.

“All of them is my main female, all my bi####s straight,” Hunxho said in part. “I love all of them equally, we all one. We all family. They all love me and I love all them, they all love each other. And they all respect each other. It ain’t no, they better not f##k up.”

In another portion of the clip, when asked if he was planning to settle down soon, Hunxho simply replied, “No.” However, further pressure revealed his rationale was simply that he doesn’t “want to get [his] heart broke.” Or so he said, while engaging in a full-blown money spread.

Keep in mind, earlier this month, Keyshia Cole and Gloss Up went back and forth on Twitter (X) after several photos of herself and Hunxho looking quite acquainted and cozy resting in each other’s arms began circulation on social media. In one of the flicks, Hunxho is even gripping a firm handful of cake, if you know what I mean.

”You know what it is in real life. 4L stinkalink,” Gloss Up wrote in the tweet featuring the photos.

Cole went on to claim the entire situation was the result of clout chasing antics and denied any issues between her and Hunxho. I wonder if she’ll be able to deny this as easily?

Check out the trailer for the video above.

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