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Swae Lee Stands On Business In Confrontation With A Rich Kid

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Swae Lee has fans saying he stood on business despite being pressed by a posh European rich kid during a semi-tense confrontation.

The interaction occurred fairly recently, and though few details confirm where it went down, the friction manifested between Swae Lee and a gentleman from across the pond. Long story short, a dude in a powder blue, chambray fraternity suit initiated an altercation with the Rae Sremmurd rapper over apparently checking out his girl.

“She was bad, bruh I had to, she’s bad,” Swae said before trolling the poor guy with his lyrics from “No Type.” He continued, “She’s a bad bi##h that’s the only thing that I like,” while laughing.

It’s safe to say homie didn’t like that one bit. He Swae she was actual a “good girl” and instructed him not to refer to her in that manner. Bro proceeded to taunt Swae with the “do you know who I am” card, asking, “You know what kind of family I am related from?” He finally revealed he was a descendant of “one of the richest European families” and demanded “respect for [his] name.”

It’s worth mentioning that the Renaissance man also told Swae, “I appreciate your music.”By then, the damage was already done and the vibes were effectively ruined. The dude really must’ve been hurt because he tried to clown Swae Lee for having security. He also took a shot at his choice of transportation.

“You pull up in a Cybertruck, I have a Maybach, do you have a Maybach?” the agitated man asked, to which Swae replied, “I have a Rolls-Royce.”

Real or fake?

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