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YBN Nahmir Says He “Died & Came Back Alive” After Suffering Seizure

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YBN Nahmir suffered a health scare, requiring a trip to the hospital. The rapper said he was recovering from a seizure in an Instagram Stories post on Thursday (May 9).

“I Just Really Had A Seizure TF,” he wrote.

Hours earlier, YBN Nahmir shared a picture of a hospital entrance with the caption “Pray 4 ya boy.” He complained about his medical trouble after disclosing the seizure.

“I been in this b#### all m############ day,” he said, filming himself in a hospital bed. “This s### is killing me. This s### is f###### killing me. What the f###?”

YBN Nahmir was apparently healthy enough to be released from the hospital as he posted footage of himself in a car hours later. Nahmir provided more details in a subsequent post, claiming he had to be revived on Thursday morning.

“Shoutout … everybody been checking in on me all day,” he wrote. “been over working myself doing shows bac 2 bac.. getting drunk everyday. deadass died & came back alive this morning. I genuinely give a f### about every single one of you! THANK YOU – FOE.”

YBN Nahmir admitted he had a drinking problem in the past. He told fans he was going to rehab “soon” in late 2023.

“Understanding your addiction & admitting to it is the 1st step,” he wrote. “Pray for me on this hard journey.”

The 24-year-old rapper previously discussed his alcoholism in 2022.

“I’ve been struggling with an alcoholic addiction,” he wrote. “I’ve changed so much due to it & not in the right ways. I’ve pushed so many of my love[d] ones away & the people I care about because of it. I’ve constantly tried to slow down / stop myself from drinking, but it’s not easy at all … I never knew addiction was this hard.”

YBN Nahmir achieved fame as a teenager. His breakthrough hit “Rubbin’ Off the Paint” was certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

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