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Freddie Gibbs’ Ex Shares Graphic Photos Of Alleged Domestic Violence

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Freddie Gibbs is more facing domestic violence allegations. The Alfredo rapper became a trending Twitter (X) topic on Friday (May 10) after his ex-girlfriend Jasmine Grenway shared graphic photos of injuries she allegedly sustained during a fight with Gibbs.

“Why are y’all acting so confused?” she tweeted. “I said Freddie Gibbs put his hands on me, which left scars and bruises, then I found out I was pregnant and he won’t help me get an abortion bc he knows the risks due to my medical history of having cervical/ovarian tumors and a laparotomy. Like stop being as dumb as me. Fr.”

She then shared the photos along with the caption, “Now that that’s out of the way, here’s to the more serious part.” When someone asked, “Freddie Gibbs did that?” she responded, “Yes.”

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Grenway then tagged a woman who goes by “Destini Creams,” an adult film actress Gibbs previously dated and allegedly impregnated. She wrote, “And to @destinicreams I want my apology to be as loud as my disrespect. I honestly did not know. I judged you bc of your occupation and that was wrong on my behalf. I pray you get your justice as well.”

The woman replied, “Freddie Gibbs can’t beat up men so I see he’s resorted to beating up women. P#### a######.”

Most of Grenaway’s tweets appear to have been deleted, but she did leave one up that reads, “I am not a slave to public opinion. Truth is truth. Nobody is more disappointed in me than myself. So y’all can defend my abuser if that’s what you want to do. I truly don’t want sympathy. I just had to share my story. The info is yours now and y’all should do as you please with it. We’ve all been dumb before, I just chose to share. I’m not ashamed. I’m human.”

At one point, Grenaway claims she even texted Gibbs’ mother and told her about the alleged pregnancy.

“I just want you to know I’m pregnant and I’m trying to get an abortion, but your son is not being logical about it,” the text reads. “He’s yelling at me as if this is something I wanted. I just want to take care of the situation amicably as adults.”

Gibbs, meanwhile, is posting tweets like, “The devil is a lie my n####,” seemingly unbothered as usual.

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