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Rising Artist ImJustHugo Drops Details on His Highly Anticipated Album Release: Sndr2zn

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Denver, CO – Mikail Parker, better known by his stage name ImJustHugo, has been making waves in the music scene with his unique sound and high-energy performances.


ImJustHugo’s journey in music began in Virginia, where he grew up. He was inspired by the local rap scene and started creating music when he was in middle school. “I’ve always loved music and how it can make people feel,” he says. “I wanted to create music that connected with people and made them feel something.”

After graduating high school, ImJustHugo moved to Denver, Colorado, where he continued to hone his skills and build a following. His music style is unique, as he blends different genres and influences to create something fresh and exciting. “I don’t want to be put in a box,” he says. “I create what ‘hits.’ That’s what matters to me.”

When asked about his latest release, Sndr2zn, ImJustHugo says he has been working on the project for months and is excited to share it with his fans. “I’ve been in the studio every day, working hard to make something that people will love,” he says. “It’s been a challenging but rewarding process.”

ImJustHugo’s music has been gaining attention, and he’s been featured in local publications and online music platforms. He draws inspiration from his personal experiences and achievements, and his music reflects that. “I’ve set goals for myself, and I work hard to achieve them,” he says. “I hope that my music can inspire others to do the same.”

The artist also shared the best advice he’s ever received, which is to focus on his music and ignore all the distractions. “I take that advice seriously,” he says. “I want to create music that connects with people and makes them feel something. That’s what matters to me.”

ImJustHugo’s passion for music is evident in his work, and he says he will continue to create whatever music he feels connects with his audience. His upcoming album, Sndr2zn, is highly anticipated and is set to make a mark in the music industry.

Today, we had an exclusive opportunity to sit down with the talented artist to talk about his journey, inspirations, and his latest release.


What is your legal name and age?

My name is Mikail Parker. I am 24 years old turning 25 this year in 2023.


What is your stage name and how did you come up with it?

My stage name is ImJustHugo. Hugo Clout, Hugo Bozo. Yeah I came up with it from being out there in the field and shit. Shit is crazy because I’m really like that. I give thanks to the man upstairs for, giving me this opportunity and chance for me to talk about my gifts.


Where are you from?

I am from Southern Virginia. The Virginia Beach type shit. Then I moved to Denver, CO. The box state. yessir!! I been out here closing in on 10 years.


What’s your latest release?

My latest release is Sndr2zn. Sundress Season 2. I worked really hard on this project/album. I would say I was in the studio everyday day for a few months. Dropping late August 2023. Coming soon!


What’s the best advice you ever received?

The best advice I have ever received is to focus on my music and to ignore all the other stuff. I have been taking that so seriously for a few years now. I heard it from a person I made my first song with. EAZY BLANK. Young E.T. We been friends since I was in Middle School. This quote means so much to me because I really never do anything but complain and just listen to the advice really added value to my world because I care about music. A lot.


What were your grades like at school?

My grades were good. I have failed classes before but that never stopped me from trying again. But I’ve also been awarded some accolades in school as well. I don’t want to talk about them because they will feel like I am bragging. Yes, school is important though. Do your homework on life though.


If you could only listen to 3 albums for the rest of your life, what would they be?

If I could listen to 3 albums for the rest of my life they would be…In no order, AstroWorld – Travis Scott2. Whole Lotta Red – Playboi Carti3. My next Albums.


How would you describe the music that you typically create?

I don’t want to be put in some box. I create what ever hits. Facts for real. You will never catch me saying the type of music I create because I feel like once you communicate that it limits you.


Who would you say inspired you the most, as an artist? 

I would say that I inspired myself as an artist because I am that nigga for real. Some goals I have set for myself have been achieved. I’m really him for real. I’m a little drunk as I type this so excuse my ignorance.


If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?

If I could open for any artist it would have to be nobody because Hugo the Headliner. You feel me? That opening shit is not popular. Also to the n*ggas saying you don’t have to spend money to make money I don’t see you on Forbes list. I don’t even see you n*ggas in GQ magazine. Get your money up not your funny up all 2023…


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