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Drake’s Toronto Mansion Under Siege: Third Intruder Tackled By Armed Security

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Drake’s Toronto home has once again been hit by another intruder. According to TMZ, security for the OVO Sound boss was forced to take down a man who tried to infiltrate the expansive property.

An eyewitness said he was riding his bike by Drake’s home on Saturday (May 11), when he saw two of rapper’s security guards tackle a guy to the ground and placing a knee in the center of his back to prevent him from getting up. One of the security members reportedly jumped on the radio while the other helped wrestle him to the ground, although there wasn’t much of a fight.

Meanwhile, Drake is clearly growing tired of all the chaos taking place at his house. Taking to his Instagram Stories, he asked a local news affiliate to stop sending helicopters to surveil his property. As he wrote, “@cp24breakingnews can we discuss the chopper flight times over the house cause I won’t lie I’m trying to sleep. anytime after 3pm works great for me.”

The latest intrusion marks the third in a week. It started on Tuesday (May 7), when one of Drake’s security guards was shot in the chest and rushed to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Police are staying quiet about the possible connection to the ongoing Kendrick Lamar feud. Other conspiracy theories link the incident to The Weeknd.

Police returned to Drake’s Toronto home a day later after another intruder attempted to break into the Canadian star’s house. The unidentified trespasser allegedly got into an altercation with security at the gates of Drake’s home. Security subdued the man and held him until police arrived. Cops took the man into custody under the Mental Health Act. The intruder allegedly said he was “here to see Drake.”

It’s difficult not to connect all of the unsettling activity to the Kendrick Lamar feud, especially when OVO stores are being vandalized with K. Dot lyrics and all of this ramped up following the contentious back-and-forth. But so far, police haven’t confirmed that to be the case.

Author: Kyle Eustice

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