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EXCLUSIVE: Nicki Minaj Gets Aggressive With Cocaine Abuse Accuser

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Nicki Minaj has escalated her legal battle against blogger Marley Green, also known as Nosey Heaux. ​

The lawsuit, filed by Nicki Minaj, stems from a tweet made by Green regarding Minaj’s newborn baby And allegations the rapper was using cocaine.

The lawsuit alleges that Green made a defamatory statement in a video posted on Twitter, falsely claiming that Nicki Minaj is a “cokehead” who is “shoving all this cocaine up her nose.” 

The ongoing feud between the two has taken a more aggressive turn, with Nicki Minaj seeking legal action to protect her privacy and reputation.

In a letter addressed to Judge Buchwald, Minaj’s attorney, Judd Burstein, provided an update on the case and proposed a schedule for the future.

According to the document, Minaj’s legal team had previously sent a letter to the court on March 25, 2024, providing a status update and a proposal for the case.

In response, counsel for Green requested an extension to respond to the letter until April 23, 2024. ​

However, as of May 8, 2024, Green failed to respond to Minaj’s letter, leading Minaj to argue that she had waived any objections to the relief sought. ​

Nicki Minaj’s request to the court includes various actions against Green for her alleged failure to comply with discovery requests and respond to certain communications.

These requests include precluding the defendants from seeking any further discovery, preventing them from offering any evidence in opposition to Nicki Minaj’s anticipated motion for summary judgment or at any hearing or trial, and banning them from interposing any objections to the discovery requests. ​

Additionally, the rapper requests that the court direct Green to provide complete answers to Minaj’s amended set of interrogatories. ​

Failure to comply with these requests could result in the court striking the Green’s answer to the lawsuit. ​

Nicki Minaj is also trying to get her hands on various documents and communications related to Green’s statements about Nicki Minaj’s alleged drug use and the number of views and comments on a video posted on the Nosey Heaux’s’ social media platforms in an attempt to quantify the actual damages to the rap star’s reputation.

Nicki Minaj is seeking damages of at least $75,000 from Green and her company for the defamatory statements.

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