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More Drake & Kendrick Rumors: And Pusha T Is In This One

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I have purposely avoided the rumors surrounding Kendrick Lamar and Drake. As you can imagine, rumors are flying left and right.

I’m going to start off with the big one. There’s a rumor that Kendrick Lamar is about to drop a whole album in June, just in time for his Gemini birthday. That’s amazing, but it also flows into a rumor that I heard before Drake waved the white flag (in my opinion). And that rumor was that Kendrick Lamar and Pusha T were going to collaborate on a song, presumably dissing Drake.

As you likely already know, Drake and Pusha T have a storied history. And there are some parallels with Kendrick Lamar and King Push. So, for them to get together would be interesting.

But the more exciting part of this is that we may get a full-blown album from Kendrick Lamar. Right now, I would imagine his creative juices are flowing and he’s been in the studio, recording. So, the rumor comes as no surprise that he would ride this momentum.

He’s dominating the charts in every way, shape and form, with all numbers dramatically up. Ironically Drake’s numbers are down 5 percent percent previous to this battle. I don’t know if that means anything, but it does seem to be a significant shift of some sort.

Nevertheless, I guess I can say this as well: I am hearing that Drake has more diss material coming toward K–Dot. We already know Dot has stuff ready but opted not to put it out when the white flag came out. I think it would be ill advised for Drake to come back out. Take the summer off. 

So, you tell me…is Pusha T saying something here?


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