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Shaq & Shannon Sharpe’s Sports Beef Takes Unexpected Turn

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Shaquille O’Neal surprisingly added to the barrage of diss tracks dropping in 2024 on Friday (May 10). Shaq fired shots at fellow athlete-turned-talking head Shannon Sharpe on a new song amid their feud over a Nikola Jokić interview.

“Now i’m done with this,” Shaq declared in the Instagram caption of his diss track. “i’ll b at the bahamas crib if anyone needs me. wooooo what a week, first i found out they ain’t love me and now this … you can never break the UNBreakable. and to all the people that kno both of us don’t call me, it will never me a sit down.”

Shaq dropped the diss in response to Sharpe accusing the basketball great of being envious of Jokić, who won the NBA MVP Award for the third time. Shaq, a one-time MVP winner, admitted he thought Shai Gilgeous-Alexander should’ve won the award in an interview with Jokić.

Sharpe believed Shaq was bitter about not winning more MVPs and getting overlooked in “greatest of all time” discussions. Shaq defended himself and belittled Sharpe, one of the elite tight ends in NFL history.

“You took me sticking up for @shai as jealousy??” Shaq wrote on Instagram. “shows how smart you are and how you say anything to get clicks. so here’s some click bait for you. if you ain’t ranked in the top ten in your profession , then you can’t speak on Me. don’t forget i know what you did to get where you at. me jealous lol sounds like you jealous. i kno you tryna stay relevant by gossiping on your podcast. we don’t believe you. you need more people and in case you forgot. 4 rings three finals Mvp top 50 and top 75. google me. and to b quite frank all this new success you got, you still under me … #g14classification i have it, you don’t, not in my profession. and your goat debate , never wanted to be the goat i wanted to be who you should greet me as THE MOST DOMINANT EVER. #theapexpredator.”

Sharpe said he never professed to be as great as Shaq. Sharpe insisted had no beef with Shaq but questioned the former Lakers star’s work ethic.

Listen to Shaq’s diss track below.

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