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The Drama Unfolding Between NLE Choppa and LeVeon Bell

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NLE Choppa and former NFL star-turned-rapper LeVeon Bell may have a healthy, high-stakes competition brewing between them.

On Friday (May 10), the Memphis rapper both delivered his new single “Stickin And Movin” in and released his collaborative Duck Boot shoe with Fctry Labs, which he remarked on selling out in a post on Instagram. However, it appears as though not everyone was as excited as Choppa’s fans were about the release of the shoes, considering Bell straight up dissed them in a quoted reply of the $250 kicks on Twitter (X.)

“& ppl boutta buy them ugly ass boots too [Face-palm emoji],” Bell wrote in the tweet.

Choppa immediately took offense and snapped back at Bell in a reply he wrote, “Imma sale more boots then you sold jersey how much u wanna bet ?”

Bell seemingly took Choppa’s tweet seriously and effectively replied by recording a TikTok video formally challenging the “S### Me Out 2” rapper to a sales battle, while also clowning his shoes.

“All right y’all, we have a fried one,” Bell said while laughing. “NLE Choppa is fried. Have y’all seen his boots? Hold on. These are the boots. These are the boots.”

As Bell continued, he appeared to belittle Choppa by throwing his NFL career in his face.

“NLE Choppa, I don’t think you understand, bro. I’ve been doing this for a long time,” he said in part.

“Literally from 2014 to 2017, I was in top five jersey sales at the NFL for like three to four years straight. Then I had free agency and went to a new team with the Jets, and then my Jersey sales went even crazier with a new team. And then after that I went from the Jets to the Kansas City Chiefs.”

Bell continued, concluding that he was like something from the Marvel Universe while Choppa was just some “Freaky” guy.

“Bro, I was the last infinity ring for the gauntlet bro,” he said before adding, “So someone told this freaky guy, this freaky little rapper, whatever you want to put up for the bet we can do. I like me.”

Check out the post below for the full video.

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