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Rapsody Wants People To Stop Saying “Female” Hip-Hop—”It’s Just Hip-Hop”

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Rapsody will drop Please Don’t Cry on Friday (May 13). The Grammy Award-nominated recording artist had a message for Hip-Hop fans before the release of her next project. 

According to a recent social media post, Rapsody doesn’t want the world to categorize her as a “female” rapper. The 41-year-old MC took to Twitter (X) to share her thoughts on the topic on Sunday (May 12).

“There’s no ‘female’ Hip-Hop,” the Snow Hill, North Carolina native tweeted. “It’s just Hip-Hop, loved ones.”

Dozens of women have become rap stars over the last seven years following more than a decade of men mostly dominating the genre. Rapsody added to the output with projects such as 2017’s Laila’s Wisdom and 2019’s EVE.

The tracklist for 2024’s Please Don’t Cry features Erykah Badu, Lil Wayne, Baby Tate and more. Legendary actress Phylicia Rashad (The Cosby Show, This Is Us) also contributes to the project.

Rapsody’s “Stand Tall” single arrived on March 15. She explained, “It started me on the journey, and it required me to be fearless, which is why I titled it ‘Stand Tall’ – be firm in who you are, legs straight, shoulder back, chest out.”

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