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Did GloRilla Scam Atlanta Investor For Nearly Half-A-Million Dollars?

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GloRilla may have some explaining to do after a man accused her of stiffing him for a six-figure sum—despite being under contract with him.

In a recent interview, an Atlanta man who was identified as millionaire investor Aristotle revealed that one of his most costly investments was a deal he allegedly did with GloRilla. In his initial statement, Aristotle claims he lost more than $400,000 after the “Yeah Glo” rapper allegedly ran off with the money, without fulfilling her end of the bargain.

“GloRilla, she stole some money from me,” Aristotle claimed. “I paid her some money, over six figures to do something for me and she didn’t complete the tasks. She’s still got two more tasks to complete.”

As Aristotle continued, he didn’t reveal the specifics of the tasks he enlisted GloRilla to do, but he did mention that he was currently working on solving the issue through due legal process.

“It’s on contract, and I’m still going to court about that,” he said. “It’s been a year, since March of last year.”

As he concluded, Aristotle suggested the only reason he’s in this position today is because he believes GloRilla’s celebrity eclipsed her obligation to him.

“She was big,” he recalled. “It’s just you know, celebrity cocky ‘I’m not gonna fulfill the contract’ s##t. You know how that s##t go.”

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This isn’t the first time GloRilla has been accused of mishandling funds she was paid by and individual whilst under contract. In 2022, GloRilla released a statement on Facebook after a woman accused her of scamming her for $1,200 to promote her makeup line in a TikTok which went viral and gained the Create Music Group (CMG) signee’s attention.

In another statement she provided FOX13, GloRilla said that she’s aware that someone has been posing as a team member and unfortunately scamming her fans and supporters.

“I was made aware that an individual has been impersonating members of my team and deceiving people for money as part of a scam,” GloRilla said in part. “I’m looking into the issue, but I’d like to encourage all my fans and supporters to be very careful with how they communicate with online strangers.

“It’s important to do research and take the appropriate steps to prevent yourselves from being victimized by cybercriminals posing as celebrity teams.”

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