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Ice-T Mocks “Weirdo” Lenny Kravitz Over Nine-Year Celibacy Revelation

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Ice-T cannot understand why Lenny Kravitz has been celibate for nine years, branding the sexless spell “weirdo s###.” 

The 60-year-old rock star recently revealed that he’s gone nearly a decade without a serious partner and is saving intimacy for the right woman after following in the footsteps of his promiscuous father.  

On Thursday (May 30), Ice-T took to social media to roast Kravitz for abstaining for so long. “9yrs without Sex? F that BS. Weirdo s###,” he wrote on X (Twitter) in a since-deleted tweet.  

However, Ice-T received pushback from his followers. “That’s wrong Ice! He’s not weird. That’s his own journey,” one person wrote, to which Ice replied, “F that Journey…. lol.” 

Ice-T, who’s been with his wife, Coco Austin, since 2021, issued a PSA to any of his followers willing to remain celibate like Lenny Kravitz. 

“Hey….. If you’re a Guy and you can voluntarily go 9yrs without sex… You’re following the wrong page,” he added. 

When a user asked, “Why judge him though?” saying, “there are many humans who can & do abstain for long periods for various reasons,” Ice-T doubled down with “s###’s Weird to me. I love to F###. A lot.” 

Speaking to The Guardian, Lenny Kravitz revealed he was devastated at learning his father, NBC news producer Sy Kravitz, was cheating on his mother, star of The Jeffersons, Roxie Roker. 

His father told him he’d follow the same path, and Kravitz did after his marriage to actress Lisa Bonet broke down. “I didn’t want to be that guy,” he admitted and said he took “responsibility” and became disciplined.  

Kravitz described his current celibacy journey as “a spiritual thing.” While he would love a new relationship, he confessed, “I have become very set in my ways.”  

He also opened up about an experience he had at 13 years old with a much older woman.

“In today’s world, yes, that was abuse and assault,” he said. /”It was this chick who saw this young teenager and thought I was cute and I’m going to give him some. Any young boy would have taken that opportunity and enjoyed the hell out of it.”

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