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Shaboozey Uses “Confusion” & “Mystique” To Draw In Fans

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Shaboozey recently released the Where I’ve Been, Isn’t Where I’m Going album. Before his latest project dropped, the country recording artist appeared on Beyoncé’s chart-topping Cowboy Carter.

NPR’s Juana Summers interviewed Shaboozey to promote his new body of work. The 29-year-old performer spoke about the Where I’ve Been, Isn’t Where I’m Going trailer posted on YouTube and social media.

“I think, to me, when the concept came, it was just like there’s this man, and he’s noticing change. And he doesn’t like the change that he’s seeing,” Boozey explained. “And music needs to change, and it needs to progress into different things.”

He also said, “When you see my name and you see me, you’re kind of confused. I think the confusion and the mystique and just how interesting it is draws people to it. You got this guy named Shaboozey with the hair, and he’s tall. And he’s dark-skinned and has this style and this swag about him.”

Shaboozey showed up twice on Cowboy Carter. Music megastar Beyoncé recruited the Virginia native for the “Spaghettii” and “Sweet Honey Buckiin’” tracks.

In addition, Shaboozey’s “A Bar Song (Tipsy)” topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. The record also peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard all-genre Hot 100 rankings.

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