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Chuck D Calls Out Rappers Over 40 Promoting “Meaningless Dark Energy”

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Chuck D has no problem sharing his opinions about Hip-Hop culture. For instance, the Public Enemy frontman had a message for unnamed rappers on Monday (June 3).

“If you over 40 and spitting meaningless dark energy in RAP you have to really think about what matters in the Hip-Hop foundation that birthed your chance at it,” Chuck D tweeted.

Around 30 minutes later, the 63-year-old MC also posted, “I didn’t say cease and desist. I said T H I N K… A over 40 mind should have a better ability to KNOW self and surroundings better. The ‘green’ days is greying.”

Chuck D helped shift rap music into a more politically and socially conscious direction. Public Enemy albums like 1988’s It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back and 1991’s Fear of a Black Planet influenced generations of recording artists.

Recently, Chuck addressed battling in Hip-Hop in response to the highly-publicized Kendrick Lamar versus Drake feud. The Prophets of Rage member offered his view on the history of lyrical clashes.

“Rap and Hip-Hop didn’t form from [diss] battle culture. It formed from party dance culture,” Chuck D tweeted in April. “The battle culture was a mutation alongside moving the crowd.”

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