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Kash Doll Claps Back At Critics After Hosting Baby Shower At Louis Vuitton Store 

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Kash Doll is hitting back at critics shading her for hosting her baby shower at a Louis Vuitton store. 

On Monday (June 3), the Detroit-bred rapper/actress, due to give birth any day now, posted footage of her baby shower on Instagram. After hosting her first child’s baby shower at The Detroit Pistons’ practice facility, Kash continued the trend of unique celebrations.  

“O nothing just had my baby girl baby shower in Louis Vuitton,” Kash Doll captioned her post. “When i say i walked away filled with joy. i just can’t believe my life sometimes.” 

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However, while many of her fans praised the move, others were unimpressed.  

“why would Kash Doll have her baby shower in a LV store let’s be fr,” one person asked on X (Twitter). “Each kid she gets worse with ideas.” 

The “Kash Kommandments” hitmaker caught wind of the criticism and hit back with, “If this ain’t no hating s### lol.” 

In a follow-up post, Kash Doll added, “Y’all talking all that s### but neither one of u could have a baby shower in Louis Vuitton even if u could paid for it.” She explained, “That was a client appreciation event they did for me.” 

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When somebody replied, saying, “I dnt think anyone would want to even if they did have money,” Kash Doll clapped back again. “Right even if they did but u don’t again so s###,” she wrote. 

Kash Doll is expecting her second child with boyfriend Tracy T this month. Their son Kashton was born in 2022.  

Check out some more of Kash Doll’s responses below.  

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