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Azealia Banks Drags Rihanna For Getting With “Butch Queen” A$AP Rocky While Defending Chris Brown 

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Azealia Banks slammed Rihanna and A$AP Rocky while defending Chris Brown and calling out critics for canceling the singer. 

The controversial artist has spent the past couple of days ranting about the industry and her peers in her Instagram Stories. On Wednesday night (Jun 5), she turned to Chris Brown. Banks branded Brown “the best artist of this generation,” and described the backlash over his assault on Rihanna as “self-righteous b#######.” 

Banks then went in on Rihanna, claiming A$AP Rocky is gay and suggesting the Fenty billionaire would have been better off with Chris Brown.  

“Look at who she’s with now,” Banks began. “A n#### that wears back-out shirts. He’s on camera shooting one of his best friends … on camera kicking a female fan in the face. Really?” 

She continued, trashing A$AP Rocky’s rapping abilities and accusing him of hiding his sexuality. “Rocky’s definitely a butch queen. I don’t know how nobody told Rihanna that. Maybe she like it, maybe she’s into that stuff. But Rocky’s definitely not a straight man,” Banks added. 

“Are we really responsible for trying to make Chris Brown’s life a living hell if sis is not responsible enough to make good choices of partner? It’s kinda weird,” Banks stated. “Rihanna’s done a lot of menacing and a lot of f###### with b###### just to end up with a gay boy. A broke untalented gay boy at that.” 

Azalea Banks Goes In On Cardi B, Doja Cat, Ice Spice & Bia

Meanwhile, elsewhere in her characteristic tirade, Azealia Banks threatened to rip Doja Cat’s top off and ridiculed Bia over her Cardi B diss. She also had words for the “Like That” hitmaker and Ice Spice, among others. 

“Cardi you got to at least try because there’s no merit in reading everybody else’s s### off the page,” Banks said. “And lord knows I love me some Miss. Ice Spice, but a lot needed to be done after ‘Munch.’ All of the rest of the singles pale into comparison.” 

Check out one of her earlier rants below.

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