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Ice Spice Invites More Criticism By Defending “Y2K” Trash Can On Debut Album’s Cover

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Ice Spice responded to criticism of her debut album Y2K’s cover art on Thursday (June 6). The Capitol Records artist insisted the album’s title was intentionally placed on a trash can for the cover.

“David LaChapelle is #Y2K!” she wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter). “soooo sweet + legendary he didn’t even charge me c## he f#### wit a real b####. thank U for all the incredible art you’ve put out through the years this cover means everything to me & yes Y2K was placed on the trash can on purpose can u guess why?”

Top Dawg Entertainment’s Reason was among the many people questioning Ice Spice’s Y2K cover art on social media. He believed the title’s placement on a trash can was a mistake.

“Nobody caught putting the name on a trash can as a mistake?” he wrote. “Being serious like somebody on the team gotta catch that right?”

Ice Spice’s Y2K is scheduled to drop on July 26. She said her mom inspired the album in an interview with Apple Music.

“Thankfully, I had my mom, so growing up I’d see her really embody the ‘Y2K’ aesthetic in its truest form,” she explained. “It’s duck nails. It’s a tramp stamp. It’s brown lip liner no matter where you go. So, thankfully I had her as my inspo growing up. And of course, just like the internet, you feel me? Just like anyone else.”

She continued, “The crazy thing is it wasn’t just a definitive moment, it was just this ongoing process of, ‘What should we name the album?’ And then I have a book full of pages of album names and different ideas, and I just really find the beauty and simplicity and I was just like, ‘You know what? I want it to be short. I don’t want it to be this super long phrase.’ It was going to go either way. It was going to be super long phrase or one word. There was no in between for me.”

Y2K will feature 10 songs. Ice Spice’s debut album includes her singles “Think U the S### (Fart)” and “Gimme a Light.”

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