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Former NBA Star Linked To LeBron James Found Unresponsive After Evading Arrest

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A sad spiraling saga of dispair continues for former NBA star Delonte West, once a teammate of LeBron James, after the baller has been arrested yet again.

Adding yet another chapter to his heartbreaking fall from grace, West was reportedly taken into custody after being found unresponsive by The Fairfax County Police Department. The harrowing details of his arrest reported exclusively by TMZ Sports reveals authorities administered Narcan in a frantic bid to save him, but it didn’t work.

It wasn’t until West was rushed to a local hospital and given another dose that he finally revived. After being released from the hospital, he was transported to the Adult Detention Center, where he now languishes in custody. His mugshot also proved to be almost more troubling than the news of his arrest as social media users expressed concern for West’s appearance.

A tweet from an NBA parody account on Twitter (X) featuring the mugshot, in which West appears to be struggling to keep his eyes open, generated more than two million views.

West remains behind bars on a $2,000 bond, with a court appearance slated for Friday. Details of the allegations remain scarce, but the visible toll on West is undeniable.

In 2022, West even attempted a basketball comeback, trying out for the Big 3 league. But hope quickly turned to despair as he faced multiple arrests later that year, including two within just two weeks in the fall.

Once again, TMZ obtained the exclusive on one of West’s run-ins with the police by releasing the bodycam footage of his bizarre anti-gay rant during his arrest. At one point he even drug his former teammate James into his belligerent rambling.

Delonte West’s struggle with the law have been closely linked with his battle with mental health, which has been a significant and tragic aspect of his post-NBA life. After being diagnosed with bipolar disorder during his playing career, West’s mental health challenges have often manifested in erratic behavior and repeated run-ins with the law.

Despite efforts to seek help, including a high-profile stint in rehab supported by Mark Cuban, West has found it difficult to stay on a stable path.

Stay tuned as we follow this heartbreaking story, hoping for a resolution that brings peace to a fallen star.

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