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Will Smith Fled Haunted London Hotel After Terrifying Encounter

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Will Smith once found himself fleeing from a London hotel in abject fear. Haunted technology and a mysterious ghost encounter drove the 55-year-old actor to evacuate his room, something he revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The ordeal, which occurred 27 years prior, began when a ghost seemingly tampered with his friend’s phone and toilet.

The ghostly disturbance involved a phantom using the toilet and erasing all messages from a mobile phone, Smith elaborated.

“The ghost urinated in my friend’s toilet… And cleared all of his messages from his phone,” the actor recalled, eliciting gasps from the audience and a curious question from Fallon about the timeline.

The Lanesborough Hotel, once the site of St. George’s Hospital, boasts a history dating back to 1719. Redesigned by National Gallery architect William Wilkins in the 1800s, the building transitioned from a hospital to a luxury hotel in 1991.

Its reputed hauntings add to its allure, often whispered about by those who have stayed at the opulent Knightbridge location.

As Will Smith corroborated his story, Fallon and the audience appeared astounded, hanging on to every detail of the Hollywood star’s chilling tale.

The actor’s candidness about the spine-chilling incident drew both amusement and disbelief, underscoring a moment where even famous figures find themselves at the mercy of the inexplicable.

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