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Iggy Azalea Uses Her Cheeks To Clap Back At Hulk Hogan Over “Fake” Meme Coin Diss

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Iggy Azalea’s witty comeback to Hulk Hogan’s inflammatory tweets marks a significant exchange in the volatile world of celebrity-endorsed cryptocurrencies.

Iggy Azalea humorously fired back at wrestling legend Hulk Hogan after a series of inflammatory tweets seemed to target the rapper and her burgeoning cryptocurrency, $MOTHER.

Hogan’s now-deleted tweets promoted a $HULK cryptocurrency and took a jab at Iggy Azalea: “You suck at pumping. $HULK has the real milk.”

Azalea responded with a sharp-witted tweet featuring Hogan’s face nestled snuggly between Iggy’s ample buns: “$MOTHER BURNS @6 PM EST,” she tweeted, using the insult to promote her crypto project.

Hulk Hogan later claimed that his account was hacked and apologized on Instagram. He asserted that the contentious tweets were not his own and vowed to have them removed. Hogan later distanced himself from the actions, attributing the activity to unauthorized access to his Twitter account.

The drama unfolded against the backdrop of Azalea’s recent entry into the cryptocurrency world with her $MOTHER coin on the Solana blockchain.

Initially launched in late May 2024, $MOTHER saw its value skyrocket by over 1,200% within a week, mainly driven by fervent speculation from Azalea’s fans.

The swift rise quickly turned early investors into crypto millionaires.

$MOTHER, a meme-inspired cryptocurrency often called a “meme coin,” doesn’t offer inherent utility or value beyond its novelty and Azalea’s celebrity promotion.

Yet, this has been enough to elevate its market capitalization to around $200 million.

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