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Karol G Accepts Woman of the Year Award at Billboard Latin Women in Music 2024: Here’s Her Full Speech

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Karol G was honored with Woman of the Year at the Billboard Latin Women in Music gala, which aired on Sunday (June 9). Although the Colombian hitmaker is currently on her Mañana Será Bonito European tour, she appeared via video to share a heartfelt message.

But before Karol’s video played, her father, Guillermo Giraldo, aka Papa G, took to the stage to speak about his daughter — one of the most touching moments of the night.

“Good evening, everyone,” he began. “Thank you very much to Leila [Cobo], to Cisco [Suárez], to Telemundo for having opened the door to a little girl who at the age of five was singing backup vocals for this artist who was not as successful,” Papa G said, referring to himself.


Latin Women in Music 2024


“Today we’re here receiving this great recognition as Woman of the Year. We are very sad because [Karol] could not join us today as she is on her world tour in Zurich, [but] I’m very happy to be surrounded by so many stars, so many legends, so many talented women who today are sweeping the world of music. Thanks to each one of you, to the fans, to the great team, it’s because of them we are celebrating this beautiful day.”

Then, it was Karol’s turn to speak. Sounding emotional and grateful, the “Amargura” singer — who was also named Woman of the Year at Billboard Women in Music in March — began her speech by thanking Billboard for the honors.

Below is Karol’s full speech, with everything translated from Spanish to English.

“Good evening, family. Good evening to everyone watching this. Thank you, Billboard, for this recognition. Woman of the Year for Billboard, Woman of the Year for Billboard Latin. Not just this year, the last couple of years of my career have been the most beautiful. The whole process is incredible, but these last years have been like harvesting so many things that I have sown in my life. I feel very grateful for this recognition. I feel very honored for what it means, for the responsibility behind it as well. I want to infinitely thank all the women who have made it possible for me to receive this tonight — I believe that it is not only my work but the work of all the women who are part of what I do.

“To the women who have collaborated with me in my music, to those who have participated in my projects, to all the women at home who listen to me and who are also part of all this success. What a beautiful way to celebrate women, their work, their commitment, their discipline, their dedication, what we are as people. I also want to thank those who are at home and work every day for their dreams. Do not stop believing in yourselves. I believe it’s not just about pursuing a goal but also about making the world more beautiful, more special, [and] that, in the end, the conclusion is to make this women’s movement bigger in the world.”

“I feel very happy. I think there is a part of my heart that feels very nostalgic for these beautiful things that have been happening to me. They make me remember all the years of my career, all the years of work, of effort, of obstacles, of closed doors, of mockery, of sacrifices and many tears, but also of happiness. I always say that people are afraid of the process, but the process is the most beautiful thing, the experience that it leaves you.”

“This only makes me want to keep working very hard. The number one thing I have on my bucket list is to keep inspiring people around the world. I will be giving my best every day, working, studying, preparing myself to continue bringing a little bit of light. Thank you very much to everyone, to all the women who are there tonight. Congratulations to all of you. I receive Woman of the Year today, but in the future it will be others, just like in the past there were others who gave me this opportunity. I hope this movement does not stop growing. Thank you all very much. I love you all very much.”

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