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Stephen A. Smith Claims Will Smith Owes Black Community An Explanation: “Chris Rock is Damaged” 

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Stephen A. Smith says Will Smith needs to address the Black community directly and claims slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars caused irreparable damage to the comedian. 

On Sunday (June 9), the veteran sportscaster said he finds it difficult to watch Will Smith movies following the infamous 2022 incident. He claims that while Chris Rock may appear unscathed, making money and still working in Hollywood, “in the age of mental illness,” the comic is not okay. 

“Chris Rock is damaged,” he said during the latest episode of the Stephen A. Smith Show. “Chris Rock will never get over that. Ever.” 

He continued, “Will Smith apologized. I’m not saying he even has to apologize. I’m saying that while I watch him and Martin Lawrence promoting this movie, and I’m quite sure the reason he hasn’t addressed it is because the studios don’t want him to, and there’s an obligation that you have with them. All fair, I get it. 

Stephen A Smith Finds It Hard To Watch Will Smith Movies

But somewhere along the way, he has to sit down and talk to the Black community. You see all the white people around Will Smith all you want to, Black folks have loved and revered this man for decades.” 

Stephen A. Smith insisted that he still loves the actor but said he owes the Black community an explanation. “You got to have a conversation as to why you did that. It’s primarily us Black people that have loved and supported you and watched you go on an international stage and slap one of us in the face,” he added.  

“A lot of folks ain’t get over that. A lot of folks find it hard to just go to the movies to watch you. I’m one of those people, and I never missed a Will Smith movie,” Stephen A. Smith said. 

The First Take host’s remarks came after Will Smith’s Bad Boys: Ride or Die surpassed projections, earning $ 56 million on its domestic opening weekend and $104 million globally. 

Posting a clip of his Will Smith discussion on social media, Stephen A. Smith promised to share some “additional thoughts” on his podcast.   

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