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Michael Jackson Told Folks “Respect My Cryppin” Long Before Blueface & Beat Up 2Pac?

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Michael Jackson was allegedly an East Coast Crip and reportedly took fades with artists such as 2Pac in his time banging on the West Coast well before Blueface’s “Respect My Cryppin” acknowledged L.A.’s Crip street gang.

The long-standing rumor was recently confirmed once again by well-known Los Angeles rap veteran Boo Kapone, who spoke about Jackson’s affiliations in a recent live stream. During the lengthy stream, Kapone mad multiple jaw-dropping claims, even going as far as alleging Jackson and 2Pac were involved in a squabble that he described as an unfair matchup from the start because the “Man In The Mirror” vocalist was 6’2″.

“Pac swing, Mike duck it, Mike give him a left, then Pac Karate kicked. Mike blocked the kick and they go to the ground squabbling. We come break it up, Mike got grass in his perm and Pac got [points to his head].” He continued, “They shake hands and hugged squashed it, they say Mike beat him up but I say Pac swung first and Mike 6’2 he Joe Jackson son from Gary Indiana.

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In another portion of the stream, Kapon explained how Jackson transferred his affiliation from the East Coast Crips when he moved to Los Angeles.

“Mike was a vice, Lord n###a,” Kapone started off.

“Vice Lord Gary, Indiana. N###a that’s right down the road from Chicago. He was vice Lord. And then he came down here and the Mike Concepion put him on.”

Concepion is widely regarded as one of the founding members of the Crips street gang in LA. As Kapone continued, he remarked on the instance Jackson was jumped into the gang by Concepion himself.

“Mike had a deep voice, Mike said, ‘Hey, could give me a chicken Boo East side,’ I was thinking about Tookie, but he from the West side,” he said. He continued, explaining how an integral scene and character from Denzel Washington’s breakout film Training Day was based on Concepion and his tendancies while describing how Jackson ended up getting put on.

“Mike took that fade. He got put on. So Mike got out here. Boop. Bow. Bow. So if you ever seen ‘Training Day’ today, when we said, get me in the front seat? Concepion ain’t got no legs at this time, he’s in a wheelchair, but he’ll sock you out and you have to get in the front seat with him in the car, so y’all level. Michael Jackson got in the front seat.”

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