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Cardi B Returned To Social Media Just To Prove Her Haters Wrong

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Cardi B experienced a profound sense of tranquility when she stepped away from social media, the 31-year-old rapper revealed, despite refusing to let online critics drive her off the platform altogether.

In a Rolling Stone interview, when asked about her self-care routine, the Hip-Hop superstar emphasized the serenity she found while taking a social media hiatus.

“Being at home,” Cardi B said. “When I was off social media and nobody knew what I was doing, I was at peace a lot.”

Despite cherishing her offline moments, Cardi B remains committed to staying active on social media for her children, Kulture, 5, and Wave, 2.

“But what am I going to do? Never post or never work again because that’s peace? No,” she stated firmly. “I don’t ever want my daughter or my son to ever give up on something because they can’t take the pressure of what people say about them. I got to set that example.”

Cardi, known for hits like “Bongos,” persists through the vitriol and maintains a solid resolve to not be broken by her detractors.

“It’s like, ‘Y’all never going to break me.’ Because I got something to prove to myself. I also got to prove something to the haters. I’ve got to prove it to my own kids.”

Moreover, the rapper acknowledged that some fans had expressed dissatisfaction with her social media inactivity through her social media manager.

“They snatched him in a group chat,” she told Rolling Stone. “Like, ‘Hey, us BardiGang, we want to express something to you.’ And I guess he was like, ‘OK, let me take your suggestions.’ And they were like, ‘Well, Cardi is not really doing anything.’”

Cardi B shares her two children with Offset, a member of the Hip-Hop trio Migos.

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