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NLE Choppa Says Kendrick Lamar & Drake Collaborating Would Be Real Win

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It seems the consensus of the general public has Kendrick Lamar as the winner of his highly-publicized battle with Drake. According to NLE Choppa, the “Poetic Justice” collaborators should reunite following their epic feud for a real victory.

Kendrick Lamar and Drake dropped multiple diss tracks aimed at each other over three months. Lamar’s “Not Like Us” is widely considered the knockout blow. Billboard spoke to NLE Choppa about the rivalry between the two Hip-Hop superstars.

“I feel like the win is more so not about who got the most streams or what song is the best. I think the win is more so how you handle the success you got from all that controversy,” NLE Choppa said.

He also stated, “I think the win would be something like both of them coming together and doing a song together. I think that’s one of the most beautiful wins. Because from the outside looking in, this probably ain’t really no real, real problems.”

NLE Choppa has gotten combative with other recording artists too. The Cottonwood 2 album creator infamously clashed with “Thotiana” rapper Blueface. Their conflict included Choppa’s mother, Angela Potts, getting involved.

“If I go back and forth on a beat, I’m just knowing, in my mind, I’m not taking it [seriously]. Now, if he takes it [seriously], that’s one thing. But I’m so one with self to where I know I can be like, ‘Alright, I’m done feeding into this,’” Choppa told Billboard about his beef with Blueface.

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