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Vince Staples Explains Downplaying Kendrick Lamar Vs. Drake Battle In Viral Clip

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Vince Staples is known to speak his mind about various topics. the Long Beach, California native recently gave his take on the viral Kendrick Lamar versus Drake battle.

“While Taylor Swift is fighting for people to be able to have streaming money, n##### [are] on the internet arguing with each other about some rap s###. So that’s how I feel about it,” Staples responded when previously asked about the Kendrick/Drake beef.

Vince Staples released his latest album, Dark Times, on Friday (May 24). He joined Apple Music’s Zane Lowe on New Music Daily to promote the project and talk about his music career.

The 30-year-old recording artist also addressed his previous remarks about the lyrical clash between Kendrick Lamar and Drake. Staples gave that viral response during a Youth Day event in Long Beach.

“It was a live-streamed event, so someone had to be filming the live-streamed event on their computer,” Staples stated. “And then pages that are dedicated to the city and to people, cut out every question that these children asked about trying to stay alive in this environment that’s had over a hundred shootings in the first four months.”

Additionally, he said, “So if I say plainly, no one cares about anybody else, then I look crazy. But I’m speaking to children. So my thing is am I supposed to look at a child who just asks those questions and say, ‘Yeah, I want one of these n##### to kill each other lyrically’? What the f### are we talking about?”

Dark Times dropped via Blacksmith Records and Def Jam Recordings. Vince Staples’ sixth studio LP arrives two years after 2022’s Ramona Park Broke My Heart which came out on Motown Records.

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