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André 3000’s Atlanta “Jazz” Performance Reportedly Upset Organizers

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This isn’t a good rumor, but I have to say it. I’m hearing word that organizers of a recent jazz festival aren’t happy with a recent performance from André 3000, known widely to be half of Outkast. The performance at the Atlanta Jazz Festival was all good until Three Stacks performed as the closer. And word is, they’re p#####.

According to Atlanta News First, many fans were excited to see Three Stacks live, because he’s among the G.O.A.T. But André was there to play his new flute-based instrumental album, New Blue Sun. Soon, the chatter turned sideways. André immersed himself in his new passion for woodwind instruments and then it got loud.

André said from the stage, “Everything we’re doing — the same way that New Blue Sun was made with me and my brothers, we’re completely making everything up as we go along. We never know what the night is gonna sound like. Twitter was really vocal as one person said they feel like he should be rocking in a locale with better acoustics and not outside. Someone else said they were all confused and they didn’t know how to take the vibes. They were also quick to note that The A is used to different music.

On top of this, some wonder if he was playing a flute or clarinet. Does it matter? YEP. I wish he would get back to rap, and specifically with Big Boi—give us an Outkast album before we all die.

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